Why is my pump noisier than usual?

Pumps and pump systems are highly durable when correctly installed and maintained. However, you may still experience problems, as any machinery with moving components and continuous usage is subject to wear and tear.

Most pumps operate quietly and efficiently, so when a pump starts making an unusual level of noise it usually raises concern. A noisy pump is often a sign of an underlying problem. Any unusual noises should be investigated to prevent long term damage and avoid pump failure. Common symptoms of pump problems include popping noises, along with squealing, growling, and grinding issues.

Possible causes of noisy pump faults

• Air in the pump system or the pump is self-venting.
• Inlet pressure is too low
• Water in the system is overheating
• Bearings are failing or worn down
• Blockages in the system
• Cavities occurring in the pump fluid
• Flow turbulence and pressure fluctuations
• Damaged or inadequate filter

Because most pumps function quietly it can be easy to identify the source of the problem by the type of noise or where the noise is coming from. Before disassembling and inspecting the pump we can take the following investigative actions:

• Check the pump motor to make sure the noise is coming from the pump not the motor
• Using a listening device to compare the noise levels on the pump volute and the bearing housing.
• Change the suction pressure and listen for a change in the noise.
• Check flow rates with a flow meter or by opening a drain valve.

How to fix a noisy pump

Once the source of the noise has been identified the issue can be repaired, cleaned or replaced.

Pump Repairs

• Inspected and bleed the system.
• Replace wearing parts like bearings
• Clean out the pump system to remove blockages
• Clean or replace valves and pipework
• Replace damaged parts like impellers and filters
• Adjust pressures, temperatures or speeds
• Replace pump

Unusual noise may also signify a mechanical or electrical problem with the pump which will require further investigation by an engineer.

Harroquip’s pump engineers are experienced in identifying and resolving pump problems. Repairs can be carried out on most types of pumps in our fully equipped workshop. Alternatively, if repairs need to be carried out onsite our pump engineers will come to you.

As an independent pump supplier, we stock many OEM replacement parts and can get your pump back up and running quickly and efficiently.

If you are experiencing unusual levels of noise from your pump contact us today on 01482 213 500 and talk to a pump expert.