Peripheral Pumps

Small pumps for small duties. Ideal for low flows and high pressures to transfer water or liquid with dissolved gasses.

Typically used for hot water systems, heating and cooling systems and water supply, these pumps are suitable for machinery applications, light industry commercial use.

Our range of Peripheral Pumps is available in a selection of materials. We recommend brass or bronze pumps for intermittent usage to prevent rusting or seizing after periods of inactivity. Cast iron is our option for continuous applications. We also offer stainless steel pumps for corrosive liquids, hygienic applications, or just personal preference.

Get in touch to discuss your specific pump requirements and let us help you get the right pump for your project.

peripheral pumps

Applications for Peripheral Pumps

  • Hot water systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Water supply
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Light Industry

Manufacturer brands available

Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts

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      Pump Spares

      Minimise downtime with access to our extensive stock of spares on a shelf. Spare parts, wearing parts and manufacturer specific parts are all available with short lead times to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

      Pump Accessories

      Most projects require more than just a pump. Whether it’s pipe fittings to connect to hoses, accessories required for installation or specialist accessories to control and monitor flows and pressures. Getting the right accessories is as important as choosing the right pump.