Why has my pump shaft broken

The pump shaft is designed to transmit the drive torque to the impellers or rotary parts. The shaft is a central component of centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps. Effective working order of the pump shaft relies on a number of variables including temperature, corrosion, metallurgy, bearing location and size, impellers and couplings, axial and radial hydraulic forces and rotary speed. Which means when a pump shaft fails, there could be a number of contributing factors.

Common Reasons for Pump Shaft Failures

• Sudden starting or stopping of a pump can damage the pump shaft.
• Rapid engagement of a pump can twist the impeller from the shaft, damaging the shaft bearings.
• Interruption to water flow can affect the impeller and cause the pump shaft to break and wear away shaft bearings.
• An unbalanced or damaged impeller contributes to the weakening of the shaft over time and its subsequent failure.

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