Why has my pump stopped working

Correctly installed and well-maintained pumps are less prone to breaking down. However, pumps have many moving parts and rely on a combination of variables to run at peak efficiency. Which means that even the most reliable pumps succumb to wear and tear, blockages or breakages.

Common Pump Faults

• Pump failing to start
• Pump losing pressure or failing to build pressure
• Excessive vibration or unusual noise
• Pump not delivering at required pressure
• Decreased flow capacity

Sometimes a pump fault can be as simple as a valve in the system being set to the closed position. Other times a pump failure could be a symptom of more serious underlying issue like cavitation or a mechanical fault, requiring the attention of an engineer. Leaving pump faults unchecked could lead to long term damage of your pump or pump system.

Possible Causes of Pump Faults

• Priming failure – not enough water in the tank to allow it to pump safely.
• Leakages – loss of air or liquid in pipes or joints
• Damaged or obstructed impellers or rotary parts
• Worn bearings, connectors or seals
• Blocked valves or pipes
• Liquid temperature too high/too low
• Speed of pump is too high/low
• Volume of liquid being pumped is too high/low
• Viscosity of liquid is too thin/thick
• Incorrect valve settings
• Suction lift too high
• Contamination or corrosion in the system

Incorrect pump specification or incorrect installation of the pump at the beginning of your project could also be the cause of your pump problems. Having the wrong size impeller, pipes or valves for the product you are pumping can increase flow resistance and reduce the operational efficiency of your pump.

What to do if your Pump Stops Working?

• Examine the pump for visible leaks
• Check the water levels in your tank
• Identify any unusual pump noises
• Confirm you are using the correct pump settings
• Verify the product being pumped matches the pump specification
• Check the power supply
• Contact a pump engineer to diagnose the pump fault

Harroquip’s pump engineers are experienced in
identifying and resolving pump problems. Repairs can be carried out on most types
of pumps in our fully equipped workshop. Alternatively, if repairs need to be
carried out onsite our pump engineers will come to you.

As an independent pump supplier, we stock many
OEM replacement parts and can get your pump
back up and running quickly and efficiently.

If you’re pump has stopped working contact us today on 01482 213 500 and talk to a pump expert.