Harroquip supply an extensive range of pump accessories to ensure the smooth running and installation of your pump or pump system.

Whether it’s pipe fittings to connect to hoses, accessories required for installation or specialist accessories to control and monitor flows and pressures. Harroquip can help you make the best choices for your pump project.

Explore our extensive range of Pump Accessories

Pressure Vessels

Control pressure levels and minimise shock in your pipework with our range of high quality pressure vessels for centrifugal and multistage pump applications and control systems.

Pressure Gauges

For measuring and monitoring pressure in the pipeline. Choose from Harroquip’s wide range of reliable liquid filled gauges from stock.  Specialist hygienic and certified gauges are also supplied with short lead times.


Choose from a wide variety of valves in a range of materials to suit your pump or pump system. Includes: Isolation valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, boar valves, non return valves and pressure reducing valves.

Pipeworks and Fittings

All the fittings you need for installing your pump available in a selection of materials to suit your project. Includes: hose clamps, jubilee clips flexible pipes, hose bends, connectors, cables and jointing kits.


Replacement hoses are available for all pumps with sizes up to 4” in stock.

Control Components

Create the best control system for your pump application with a choice of pressure transducers, flow switches and temperature sensors.

Control Panels

Protect your pump or pump system with automated start/stop controls. Fixed or variable speed options available with specialist controls for dosing and metering.

Inverter Drives

Control the speed of your motor or pump with Inverter Drives or Variable Speed drives to meet the exact demands of your system and the process that it carries out.

Pump expertise

Can't find what you are looking for? Let one of of our friendly pump experts help you choose the right pump configuration for you project.

As an independent supplier with over 20 years technical pump experience we can source pumps for every application. Give our friendly team a call on 01482 213 500 or use the contact form below.

pump experts

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      Pump Systems

      For when one pump isn’t enough. Our skilled pump engineers can design and install the perfect pump system for any commercial or industrial application. Standard solutions are available or our bespoke systems can be engineered to your exact project requirements.


      Every pump project is unique. With a unique combination of variables impacting the type of pump you need. Haroquip know pumps. We will save you time and money by helping you install the right pump for you project from a portfolio of the best manufacturer brands.