Mag Drive Pumps

A magnetically driven pump for handling chemicals and hazardous liquids safely.

Designed to handle the most hazardous liquids, Mag Drive Pumps are a seal-less chemical process pump for industrial applications. Using a magnet to turn the impeller offers an energy efficient, cost effective pump solution. It is also a safe solution, as the pump operates without a mechanical seal the risk of leakage or overheating due to obstruction is eliminated.

These pumps are used for dangerous liquids like acids, cleaning chemicals and flammable liquids. Mag Drive Pumps are also suitable for corrosive liquids. We have Mag Drive Pumps in use at Reckitt’s for pumping salt brine.

mag drive pumps

Applications for Mag Drive Pumps

  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Industrial applications
  • Chemical handling
  • Flame or explosion proof requirements
  • Manufacturing

Manufacturer brands available

Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts

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