Specialist Food Pumps

Specialist hygienic pumps tailored to your specific food production requirements.

With 20 years pump expertise in food and beverage manufacturing Harroquip will work with your specific requirements to source, design and install the best pump for your project.

Harroquip’s Specialist Food Pumps are deigned to meet your precise manufacturing requirements. We offer specialist pumping solutions for:

• Liquid foods, oils, sauces and soups

• Viscous batters, purees, doughs, jams, custards and pastes

• Corrosive vinegars and salt-water brines.

• Shear sensitive and high-risk dairy products

• Non-flowable purees

• Solid products from potato peelings to chicken legs

Contact us today to talk to a pump expert and discuss your specific needs for your food manufacturing project.

Harroquip - The Pump Experts

Applications for Specialist Food Pumps

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Beverage Manufacturing

Manufacturer brands available

Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts
Harroquip - The Pump Experts

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      Pump Spares

      Minimise downtime with access to our extensive stock of spares on a shelf. Spare parts, wearing parts and manufacturer specific parts are all available with short lead times to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

      Pump Accessories

      Most projects require more than just a pump. Whether it’s pipe fittings to connect to hoses, accessories required for installation or specialist accessories to control and monitor flows and pressures. Getting the right accessories is as important as choosing the right pump.